Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rental Crisis

Life has been hectic for the last couple months. We've decided to move down to Melbourne and left a beautiful and glamour Sydney. I thought things would work out well but i was totally wrong.

It took more than two months for us to find a house to rent. So far we've got seven rejections from real estate agents. Having rejected many times, i began to think of what is the problem with our application and started to set the next plans.

Some friends shared their stories which was meant to cheer us up. There has been a rental crisis in Melbourne. People are less likely to buy house as interest rate is going up. So this made things a bit out of hand. Some said that number of people would pay more money to real estate agents to get the house. It reminds me of dealing with bureaucracy in Indonesia when money does matter. They could also offer to pay more bonds to give a good impression to landlords. I didnt pay attention to these stories. But when i went for inspection, i was absolutely gobsmacked to know that more than 60 people turned up. Most of them looked very dressy.

Well it is now over as unexpectedly we've got a phone call from real estate agent and told us that we got approval from the landlord. It is time to put things back in order i suppose.