Monday, August 20, 2007

Sex Drugs for Women

About two months ago i read an interesting article in free bulletin. In that article the editor complained about sex ads which are centred on male sexuality. I thought this is true. Today on the way to office, one ad in the newspaper saying that they can help men with erectile dysfunction problem. Once we arrive at the office and check junk mail box in hotmail account, hundreds of sex ads with various kind of sex services appear on the screen. Yet amongst them are mostly for male: penis enlargement, cheap viagra, natural pill for erection problem and so on.

The author of the article was shocked as to why men's sex problems seem to be more important. It is kind of common to hear stories of women having orgasm issue. At least once in a month, orgasm issue for women comes up in sex column of popular magazines. Does the medical industry consider this as a prospective market and come up with something that could help million women's life? I am not sure but they should consider this.

We could imagine one possible scenario where a woman can't get sexually satisfied due to her 'partner's efficiency' in time. Having asked experts and friends, the solution was to encourage him to buy viagra. However, if a woman could not have an orgasm, let alone multiple one, could she go to the chemist and say: "Excuse me, do you have something to make my sex life better?". She would have an answer to the question as follows: "Well i am sorry darling, so far most of products are designed to enhance male's sexual performance. We only have cream for treating thrush in this place!".

Having studied history, particularly on the topic of sexuality, i traced back to nineteenth century Europe to find out why this phenomenon is rampant in modern time. Back then, medical science came up with the idea that male is sexually active whereas female is passive. Accordingly it was then perceived normal for men to satisfy their urge. What's more important from this notion was that the ability to well perform in sex for men is linked to the idea of manliness. In other words, you are not a man if you don't have lust and are rubbish in sex. As the idea of male as an active sexual creature was pervasive, orgasm for female was out of the question.

Of course, this categorisation of male and female in their sexuality was extensively disputed in many respects. But this does not necessarily mean that this idea could not reappear in the future. A typical example of how this idea reappears is seen in cultural codes in sharing bed. In western countries, where European legacy was very strong, male never shares bed with other males. Generally there is a fear that your mate would try with you. Interestingly, females are at ease with the idea of sharing. Underlying males' fear is that the notion of male as an active sexual creature could be a justification for seducing another male. On the contrary, as passive sexual creatures, females may not have a good reason to be afraid of being seduced by their females' friends. So when sharing bed is brought up amongst males, they might say: "who the hell do you think i am? I am not a poof!" (poof is a derogatory term for gay, but i use this term to emphasise the nature of masculinity amongst males). For females, they can giggle and laugh in the same bed.

Now if we go back to the question raised above, the plethora of sex drugs for males could have a relation with the idea of maintaining manliness. The erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and perhaps small size are seen as threatening for males' sexuality.

So who wants to join me to demand sex drugs for women so they can have multiple orgasm?