Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Turbulence

Shit hits the fan at work. The owner declared bankrupt two nights ago and the business has been taken over since his business went on liquidation. Everyone was shocked, particularly those who trusted the former boss. I am not particularly surprised as i knew this moment was coming anytime soon. But what surprised me is that so much debt were unpaid, including staff wages. The good side is that we are employed again--although technically our jobs were terminated for a minute. Soon after the meeting has done, we went out to talk about this. As it might happen everywhere, there is always one person who thinks that she/he has the most important and juicy goss and is getting choosy with which she/he should share this juicy goss. Be fuckin careful, you might not be able to keep it from dripping if it is too juicy!

My former boss is an arrogant prick! He likes doing everything his way no matter what the consequence might follow from doing it his way. His coffee is utterly shite but insisted on working behind the coffee machine. Fast is the key, forget about quality. Well, dumb arse will easily see the difference between crappuccino and cappuccino, won't they?

His social intelligence is far from excellence by any standard. Three marriage failure can prove this 'thesis' on his social skill.

I've never been a huge fan of him. I always see my former boss, or any boss in general, as business partner. Some of my friends who trusted him so much were baffled. How could he do that? asked them. I really don't know. Shouldn't they know better than me given good relationship that they have, in which personal judgement can be made about his personality?

Last week i wasn't given enough shift, so i have little to lose. But some of my workmates heavily rely on last week paid to pay their life expenses. I told them that i would not call myself 'lucky' in this situation as it is inappropriate. I don't think the hierarchy of luckiness can be applied in this kind of situation. It's messy! Fuckin messy!

I have been looking for a new job as i can't work with some of my workmates. It is not because i am socially appalling or like to bitch. Rather i have huge doubt in their quality as team player. Yet at work, tension often comes from people inability to differentiate personal judgement on work quality and personal attitude. I will be happy to hear someone saying to me: ''you are such a lovely person and i like to hang out with you, but as a team player it's absolutely hopeless".

Anyway it's all over!


Bonnie said...

Good luck with the job hunt.

My fiance has been in that situation before, with basically no warning etc. Company went under, took about 12 months for him to get paid out for his holidays and entitlements. In the end, he still never got his superannuation that was owing - about 6 months worth.

Hope that you get all that is owed to you, and it doesnt get dragged out.

spew-it-all said...

More likely, i won't get my superannuation. Thanks for your kind words bonnie!