Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who Needs a Historian?

First semester has finished and that really excites me as during holiday term i can be a social creature again. Next semester will be commencing in late July and this will be my last semester before i graduate. No doubt i am very stoked about this, yet at the same time anxiety starts to step in. 'What i am gonna do next?' is the important question to which i should find the answer.

Usually i often get asked by people about my life when i told them that this year is my last year at uni. Mostly they are surprised when i told them that i am studying history and then throwing a question of what sort of job that i am going to do after this? My response will normally be beginning with 'mmmm, uh, ummm, well'. Maybe a writer, or journalist, research assistant, or could do anything different to my field. It's hard to answer this sort of question as it relates to my big plan in life and ultimately links to my being. Sometimes i wish i could say to them: Thank you very much for being concerned with my life, i was happy before you asked me 'what sort of job that i am gonna do'!

Some people suggested that i could be a teacher. I thought this idea is good but then i realised that i am interested more in the history of sexuality, which makes the idea of being teacher is bad. I can't imagine if some parents will be happy to hear from their children about what they've learnt at history class.

What did you learn today darling? Well, i learnt about fellatio in England during late 19th century mum! And guess what? Buggery was common amongst sailors but they didn't call that homosexual! Mum! Mum! Are you alright?

Most international students in Australia are seldom doing Arts degree. Engineering, commerce, science, or even hospitality are sort of majors that they are doing. Maybe i am a stupid migrant because i just follow what i like without thinking about the available opportunity in the future. Sometimes i think that i should have chosen commerce or accounting or something similar and would have been working in a big office in the city, having 9-5 routine and wearing nice suits everyday.

I really don't know what happens next. The plan is to do honours degree next year and after that i will find a job. If i am not that lucky, you might see me selling Big Issues magazine or roasted chestnut. Or i might call your home during your leisure time and offer a fantastic deal of holiday plan, or ask you random question about particular products.


johnorford said...

too many ppl do what they don't love just cos of the money. believe me u r better off being poor but doing something fulfilling than the other way around!

that is, if u avoid a career in McDs, that most philosophy grads follow :)

Steph said...

Congratulations sweetie. You'll be a success at whatever you do and more importantly, happy.

Helen said...

Hey love, am right there with you, I've found that the best answer to the query "what are you going to do next" is a scholarly sigh and a run-down of the books currently on my 'to read' shelf...

But, a word of advice, too, one or two classes in business or non-profit management and time spent volunteering will prepare you for non-academic career paths.

Bonnie said...

I think studying history would be extremely interesting. Congrats on one more semester!

I have always regretted not going to uni. I am not sure what I would have studied, but wish I had of at least given it a go.

Katadia said...

hey... how about doing a summer scholar program at The Australian National Univrsity? you get a scholarship to live in campus for the summer and they like to take pre honours student. It'll give you a glimpse of what it's like to do research or be in acedemia. Plus it'll look good on your resume in case you can't find a real job and want to apply for a PhD. He..he...;)

EmmaK said...

don't you want to do a PhD? In some exciting field like the history of SM? and become one of those TV sexpert/sexy academics?