Friday, May 30, 2008

Soup and stupid question

I am not sure how to describe people who say something 'stupid'. For example, it's the end of autumn and beginning of winter so the temperature is of course changing to i-can-cut-cheese-with-my-nipple degree. But why people still ask: "it's cold, isnt it". With this sort of question, i normally reply: "We call this winter here!''. Oh dear!
If you like to ask question, please choose the one that is thought-provoking and makes you think. Here are some questions that might be worth pondering:

1. Would you call it threesome if you are having sex with pre-op transsexual?

2. If sex is one of the reasons for people to have an affair, then the number of people having an affair might be low amongst swingers?

3. On a first date, would you drink wine or cocktail?

4. If women think that men always want sex, then gay couple will have sex more often than heterosexual ones.

5. If you like reading while you are in the toilet and can spend more than 20 minutes a day, how many jumper/sweater can you knit within three months?

6. Why people always respond "bless you" when you are sneezing but rarely say anything when you are coughing (sometimes they ask: are you alright?)?

Anyway winter is coming and it means soup time. I love making soup and potato and leek is the champion in my view. Surely, pumpkin is still an old-fave but not mine.


Bonnie said...

1. I think I would call it a two-and-a-half-some
2. In my opinion swingers would have quite a lot of affairs, but they are just being honest about it.
3. I would drink wine. I might have a cocktail on the 2nd or 3rd date. Cant give it up too quickly!
4. Wouldnt wanna be a lesbian then!
5. I dont read on the toilet and I cant knit. So....none.
6. This girl I know responds with bless you when I cough or sneeze. Interesting liddle fact there...

Pumpkin is definately my all-time fav. Infact, I might just have for lunch today...

EmmaK said...

The only one I can answer with clarity is 1. because a pre op will still be the sex they were born with thus, a 'whole' thus that is a threesome. A post op will have the penis sewn on or cut to have a threesome with a post op transsexual would be as bonnie says, maybe a 2 and a halfsome???

GJ said...

Best soup ever Leek and Zucchini, Fav Girl's is the best!!!!!

Helen said...

I love soup, especially soup with bacon somewhere in it.

Bonnie said...

Tag your it.
Tagged you for meme on my blog.

Steph said...

Ohh that looks so yummy! Were you wearing your jammie pants and thick socks when you ate that?

M said...

ooo I actually googled #4 but was too lazy to look through for a real answer. So...err I dunno - maybe.

#6 has something to do with sneezing = the devil trying to take over your soul/entering your body. Apparently saying bless you keeps the devil away.

Boim Lebon said...

malem...wah nice blog ni....salam kenal dari waroeng kopi...boleh tukeran link ga??